Unaltered Skincare's 30-Day Challenge!

Unaltered Skincare 30 Day Challenge

Does your skincare regimen need a refresh? Unsure of where to start? Join Unaltered Skincare as we launch our 30-Day challenge!

The challenge will run from November 1st to November 30th.

Unaltered Skincare offers several items that should be staples in your daily routine. Go to the website: unalteredskincare.com and pick up your favorite product or products. Use code: UNALTERED15

What are the rules of the challenge?

Follow Unaltered Skincare on Instagram. 

Use the product for 30 days (November 1st to November 30th). 

Upon completion of the challenge, send your written or video review to our Instagram DMs.

Include your before and after pictures (must be unaltered, not filtered).

To ensure products are shipped before the challenge, please purchase before October 20th (items can only be shipped domestically). However, purchases can be made throughout the challenge.

There will be a 30-day guide with prompts for each day. When you complete the prompt, tag @unalteredskincare and use our hashtags #unalteredskin30 #unalteredskin so that we can document your progress.


We encourage you to participate as best you can! There are great prizes in store for the winners.

First place: The Bundle set (valued at $95), containing our number one seller “Golden Milk Sugar Scrub”, African exfoliating net, procollagen peptide serum and Vitamin C serum.

Second place: $25 gift card to unalteredskincare.com

Third place: 20% off a total purchase of $40

Thank you for participating!

 Be You. Be Unaltered.

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