About us

Ironically, the unaltered journey began with living a life full of alterations

Growing up, I of course saw lots of representation, they looked like me, talked like me and I never had to question my belonging.

Upon moving to the United States of America, Life altered itself, I had to hide my accent, changed my name so it was easier to pronounce. All the things that defined me, had to be changed so I could “fit in.”

Fast forward to 2020, I was finally able to grasp that God was the center of everything, and that allowed me to wholeheartedly embrace the woman I was destined to be. Becoming that example for my daughter led to the creation of my “unaltered” beginning.

My favorite moments of self-care were with my daughter. Providing her with an example of what a “soft life” looked like was a priority

Showering was our time to bond. Unfortunately, the majority of products that were in reach were unsafe for her to utilize without supervision. Everything went into her mouth.

That birthed a part of the unaltered journey: Unaltered Skincare

Our goal at Unaltered Skincare is to provide safe, organic and clean skincare that the whole family can utilize, formulated and co-owned by natural Chemists.

The foaming scrub was our first product to launch. Containing just five ingredients, our scrub is a three-in-one product. Designed to exfoliate, moisturize and leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Next, Vitamin C drops to add hydration while providing protection against hyperpigmentation. Last but not least, our Procollagen serum. As we age, so does our skin. This product aids with providing a source of elasticity and bounce that skin of all ages will love.

Known as the Ultimate Trio, combining all of these products will take your skincare regimen to the next level.

Recently, we added our exfoliating nets and look forward to increasing our product line as the market allows. Our intention is to diversify our collection to include trial sizes, new ingredients and much more.

Please join us on our mission to provide superior products that will have your skin glowing without the unnecessary filters.