Unaltered News: February Edition

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Happy February from Unaltered Skincare!

This month has been full of so many happenings and we cannot wait to tell you more about them. Please make sure you are following on all social platforms (Instagram and Tick Tok) to get the latest news and updates.

February is “love month,” so be sure to shop our newest product releases and pamper yourselves. 

Black History month is recognized in February, so be sure to read more below about ways you can celebrate.

New products

New product alert!

Did you know that there have been two new products added to the website? No, run over and be sure to fill your cart with the latest additions: African Black Soap and our signature spatula.

There are so many benefits to using African Black Soap:


Helps alleviate the symptoms of Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne or Dermatitis. 

Can be used on all skin types and problems.

The signature spatula is perfect to use along with the Golden Milk Natural Foaming Scrub. Gone are the days of getting products stuck under your nails. It is the perfect applicator! Is your scrub down to the last drop? The spatula is the perfect tool to scoop it out.

Body Bundle: Features the Best-Selling Golden Milk Scrub, spatula, African Exfoliating Net and Black Soap. This bundle is a fantastic deal that will have your body smooth as silk!

Black History month

Black History Moment

Black History Month should be celebrated year-round. There have been so many impactful innovations in the beauty and skincare industry. Many of them would not exist without the presence of Black inventors.

Here, we would like to honor some of the many contributors to the industry:

Annie Malone: pioneer in the hair care business. Self-made, commonly known as the “hair doctor” formulated products for hair and scalp care. (Source: blackpast.org)

Eunice Johnson: founder of Ebony Fashion Fair

Madame CJ Walker: known for being the first Black female millionaire. Madame CJ Walker left an amazing imprint on the beauty industry. 

Lyda Newman: patented the first hairbrush with synthetic bristles.

Pat McGrath: mogul in the beauty industry.

Rhianna: self-made billionaire. She has made a lasting imprint, showing major brands how to be more inclusive, capturing a variety of skin tones. Her Fenty line of skincare and lingerie has solidified her presence in the industry.

Melissa Butler: owner of The Lip Bar, is the first Black woman to have an extended product line in all Target stores.

We are so thankful for their bravery and leadership. Unaltered Skincare is proud to be Black Owned and Woman owned. Each product used is carefully created and designed with the intention to enhance natural beauty.

Making the Brand initiative

Unaltered Skincare recently launched a “Making the Brand” initiative partnering with several beauty and lifestyle influencers. Our goal is to grow the customer base and gain more exposure for the phenomenal products. Be sure to watch the Instagram page for all the new faces and content. 

As the brand grows, please support by liking, commenting, saving and sharing the content. Increasing brand awareness will attract more customers.

Love is Self-Care

Valentine’s Day may be over, yet self-love is year-round. Remember to take time for yourselves by reducing stress causing activities. Take those walks. Meditate. Journal. Read. Indulge in making yourself feel great on both the inside and outside. Share the love by buying one of our signature products or bundles as a gift.

Love yourself and take care of the skin you live in.

Be You. Be Unaltered.

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