The Top Five Beauty Tools for Great Skincare

Girl! Put down that washcloth! Do not use it on your face! There are so many tools out there that will be so beneficial to your skincare regimen. The market is saturated with numerous beauty products. How do you find the right tools to get the most out of your routine? Don’t look any further.  We got you! Adding at least one of these tools suggested below will be a game changer.

Top Five Beauty Tools

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Top Five Skincare Tools

Exfoliating net sponges

Throw away your washcloths and switch to using an exfoliating net sponge. They are durable, lasting two years and can be washed in your washing machine. Most importantly, they stretch, getting those hard-to-reach areas like your back. The gentle exfoliating material allows dead skin cells to be removed easily. Leaving your skin with a smooth and supple appearance. Use it with your favorite body wash or beauty bar. After each use, hang it to dry and go about your day. 

      Facial steamers

Steam treatments reinforce moisture absorption into both your skin and scalp. Now, there is a difference between just steeping in a hot shower. Though it opens your pores, you want to use distilled water which has less impurities than tap water from your bathroom. 

A facial steamer provides a concise stream that you can directly hold towards your face. Some are contoured to cover your face. Steaming treatments should be done between 5-20 minutes.

What are the benefits of facial steaming: acne fighting, hydration and purging (opens the pores and eliminates impurities). Along with increasing circulation, steaming helps your products to be absorbed better (source

      Jade roller/ Gua Sha

Though there are distinct differences between the two, they each provide a method of stimulation for your skin. Each of them activate your lymphatic system, which drains toxins from your body. You can find them just about anywhere, which makes the cost least likely to break your bank.

Jade rollers stimulate drainage. There are two different sized rollers attached. One for a larger area of skin. The smaller area is used for the under-eye area. Using a jade roller while applying your serums will help with better absorption. They can be stored in the refrigerator to provide an extra stimulus when cold. 

Gua Sha requires a specific technique when used. Upon use, pressure is applied in various strokes to activate blood circulation. It’s like yoga for your face. Tension and stress are released with each use leading to a healthier complexion. The glow is real! Each tool provides the benefit of increased circulation and drainage. Pick one that works best for you. 

Cleanser brush

Step away from the washcloths/ face towels! Whatever you call them, do not use them on your face. Why? The material is so abrasive leading to skin irritation. Towels are breeding grounds for bacteria when they are not changed consistently. 

If possible, use a cleanser brush to apply your products to your face. Cleanser brushes help stimulate the pores, effectively removing dirt while exfoliating the skin. They also assist in removing fine lines and wrinkles. There are various types of brushes available; ranging from silicone to battery operated.

Eye mask

 They say the eyes are the “window to your soul.” What do your eyes say about you? Tired of having puffy eyes? Feel like you can pack a week’s worth of groceries in those bags under your eyes? Get some relief with a great eye mask.

When thinking back of the most common eye mask, cucumbers often come to mind. Cucumbers have antioxidants to help remove puffiness and provide a cooling effect. However, as great as they work, they go bad fast. Having a reusable gel eye mask handy, saves a trip to the grocery store. Many skincare brands carry disposable eye masks. 

Find what works best for you

Finding the “right” skincare tool comes with trial and error. Using what works best for your skin is essential. Combining any of these tools with your products will allow for better absorption, leading to vibrant skin. Let us know which one you try in the comments. 

Remember your skin is 90% off your selfie. Take care of the skin you live in.

Be You. Be unaltered. 

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