Skincare & Pregnancy

 Skincare and Pregnancy

Pregnancy took a toll on my body. Listen, it would take an entire day to list the multitude of “surprises” I experienced throughout both of my pregnancies. Moms, raise your hands if any of these things happened to you!

I sweated like an Olympic wrestler. No lies. Sweat would pour not only from my armpits but any place there was a fold or point of exit.

My skin stretched beyond my imagination. I carried my son and daughter in different ways. With my son, I was all bump. Most of my stretch marks were on the sides of my stomach. My daughter, that was something totally unexpected from my first. I swore I had stretch marks on my eyelids! No seriously. My body stretched outward. My hips looked like Wolverine attacked me with all of his might.

Being from a Caribbean family, we are naturally hairy human beings. With pregnancy, I turned into a full-blown chia pet. My hair grew rapidly, so did my chin and armpit hair.

In ordinary circumstances, our skin goes through the toll of being exposed to daily elements. During pregnancy, the combination of extra hormones and growing an entire human being, brings along its own set of skin issues.

Effects of Pregnancy on Skin

As I said before, my body went through so many changes. It was very overwhelming at times. There was also joy when catching glimpses of my growing baby bump. Now these changes vary from person to person.

John Hopkins lists some of the most common effects of pregnancy on the skin:

Stretch marks: the body naturally stretches in form to accommodate your growing bump. The areas that they appear in depend on the condition of the skin.

Dark spots: dark spots result from an increase of melanin in the skin. The areolas darken along with various places along the body. 

Dry Skin: since we are sharing our bodies with another growing person, our fluid levels are decreased from frequent urination and perspiration. Resulting in dryer skin which requires maximizing our water intake to limit dehydration. Dehydration can cause contractions and lead to early labor.

Breakouts: the expectant parent may often have a “glow” about them. This is due to an increase of blood flow and oil to the surface of the skin. However, the extra oil can cause an increase of acne.

Safe products to use

The increase of hormones makes the skin more sensitive. Therefore, when treating the skin, certain products and chemicals must be avoided. 

Stretch marks can be minimal but they are not unavoidable. Hydration is the key factor. Increasing your water intake is a must. To optimize your hydration, moisturizing the skin with body butters, oils and lotions can help eliminate dry areas.

Staying out of the sun for prolonged periods of time can help reduce the appearance of dark spots. Using a natural sunscreen and wearing protective gear will also protect your skin. 

If you are experiencing higher levels of acne, consult your doctor to find out what products are safe to use. Anything medicated may have harmful levels of chemicals unsafe for your baby. The skin naturally absorbs anything that is placed on it, so be sure to use toxin free products during this time. Avoid retinols, retinoids and salicylic acids which can cause birth defects.

Be sure to address any concerns that occur with your OB/GYN or primary care physician. They will best advise you on how to proceed with care. 

Remember to take your vitamins, exercise as you can, stay hydrated and rest!

Unaltered Skin Care provides safe, toxin free products that you can use throughout your pregnancy journey and well afterward. Gentle and effective, you can maintain your beautiful glow!

Be You! Be Unaltered!

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