Morning vs. Nighttime Skin Routine

Morning Routine vs. Night Routine

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Yet sometimes, there is a lot of confusion as to what to use, when to use and how to use them. Did you know that you should have a routine for both the morning and evening?

Let’s get into it,,,

Morning Routine

According to a blog on, a morning daytime routine focuses on protection and preservation against elements such as pollution and dirt, a nighttime skincare routine aims to repair, replenish and rejuvenate. 

Now to be honest, I had no idea there was a difference between the two. I have been using the same products for both morning and evening skincare. Also, I used the same products from high school, but that’s a story for another day. After researching for this blog, I learned there is a valuable difference in your skin when following a proper routine.

There are three components of your morning routine: Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Followed by a protective component of sunscreen. Your morning routine serves as a protective agent against the weather and various other toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

A cleanser does exactly what it says. Depending on your skin type, oily, normal, dry or combination, there is a cleanser designed specifically for it. Cleansers prepare the skin for the day by removing any excess oil, dirt and makeup you may have missed from the night before. Avoid using body soap on your skin. The skin on our face differs greatly from our body. It is more delicate and sensitive.

Toners shrink your pores, balance the skin’s PH and moisturize the skin. 

Moisturizers seal in hydration and add bounce to the skin. Picking a moisturizer that matches your skin type is equally important. Depending on the seasons, you may want to use a moisturizer that is thicker in the winter versus one that is lighter in the summer. Most moisturizers contain a sunscreen component which is an added benefit. 

Nighttime Routine

As I said in the beginning, I wasn’t aware that there is a difference between a morning and evening skincare routine. Before, I used the same products, cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

The skin on our face and hands are the most exposed throughout the day. Between the weather conditions, germs and daily toxins, our skin endures so much. At the end of the day, we need to be sure to remove all the stresses of the day from our skin.

Your nighttime routine should consist of heavier products that will replenish, restore and rejuvenate your skin before bed. Here is when you would use your eye creams, serums and masks.

Begin with a cleanser. This can be the same as your morning cleanser. I know, I just said the routines should differ, but in this area, it can be the same. A cleanser used with warm water, opens your pores, effectively removing dirt, oil and makeup. Prior to using a cleanser, be sure to remove any makeup with wipes. The cleanser will remove any that is left.

Follow with a toner to remove any remaining dirt. Before applying your moisturizer, depending on your age, add your eye creams, serums and any treatment products. Next, use a moisturizer that does not contain sunscreen. Since you are preparing for bed, you do not need sunscreen. Find a moisturizer that has restorative components like retinol or collagen. The moisturizer will seal your pores.

You Got This

Though it may seem confusing, there are several resources available that will answer any questions you may have. Remember, before trying any new components, consult with a dermatologist to find out your specific skin care needs. Be sure to use a licensed esthetician for any facials as well. 

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Most importantly, remember that your skin is 90% off your selfie! So be you, be unaltered. 

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