Girl, Get Some Beauty Sleep!

Girl, Get Some Beauty Rest!

Sleeping Beauty is more than a fairytale. When Aurora woke up, you know she felt good! If you are a parent, finding a time to rest sometimes seems nonexistent. Rest is essential to your skin’s recovery. Society tells us that we have to “Keep Up” or “You sleep when you die.” However, this grind culture wreaks havoc on your system. Scientifically, you need to lay down and rest. So go put your feet up! Close your eyes and chill!

Sleep is the ultimate reset

  • How you sleep is important?
    •  Try to sleep on your back or side. Sleeping on your face increases wrinkles. The constant contact of the pillowcase against your face causes friction.
  • Sleep allows your body cells to regenerate. 
    • Each day you lose so many skin cells through natural shedding. Working out regularly is great for your body. Resting allows your muscles to rest and repair from any tedious activities. Collagen is produced while the skin is regenerating. This allows the skin to have a fuller and plump appearance.
    • Sleeping allows your body to retain its moisture. Dry skin maximizes the signs of aging. Sleep deprivation also decreases the amount of blood flow to the skin.
    • The stress that comes from lack of sleep can cause your hair to thin. Vitamins are not being reproduced which can lead to many body dysfunctions.
  • Avoid dark circles and eye bags by getting at least eight hours of sleep.
    • Your body will show on its own that it is exhausted! If I had a dollar for every time someone commented “you look so tired” as a first time parent, I would be rich! The lack of sleep aged me quickly. I was so thankful to get on a consistent sleep schedule. You truly feel invigorated after a good nights sleep. 
    • Staying well hydrated throughout the day and using an extra pillow to elevate your head will reduce puffiness. 

    Sleep Tools

  • Weighted Blankets
    • Having a hard time falling asleep? Grab a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets provide support and comfort. The heaviness provides pressure to an overstimulated system. 
  • Eye masks
    • Eye masks create a barrier to block light from coming in. They also protect the delicate skin around the eye. This skin is often subject to wrinkles. 
  • Sound machines
    • Sound machines are a great addition to help improve your rest. There are so many different sounds you can choose from: rain, beach waves and white noise. Travel may be expensive at this time, so imagine you’re on a great escape with some tropical relaxation.  
  • Warm showers/baths
    • One of the best ways to get your mind prepped for sleep is taking a warm shower. Try Unaltered Skincare’s Body Bundle for amazing products which yield fantastic results. The Golden Milk Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells while providing a great amount of moisture. The Black Soap fades dark spots and soothes many skin irritants from eczema. Lastly, the African net is also an amazing exfoliator. Finish your after-shower experience with a moisturizer. 

    Lastly, engaging in yoga or meditation will relax your nervous system. Now don’t get me wrong, some of the poses are a little tricky, but the benefits will last you a lifetime. 

    However, you decide to rest, please try to get as many hours as you can. Your body will tell you when it is in dire need of it. Sleep is the body’s way of repairing itself. Cells are refreshed. Skin looks more vibrant. You feel and look better. 

    Be You. Be Unaltered.

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