Beautiful Skin Begins Within

Beautiful Skin Starts Within

Did you know that the skin we live in is the largest organ on our entire body? Read that again. The largest organ on/in our body is our skin. Our skin is the autobiography of the life we live.

Each scar, stretch mark, indentation details a distinct moment in time.

Now, how we care for our skin determines the longevity of it. The skin can be so temperamental considering the environment, our age and health.

The best foundation you can wear is healthy glowing skin. The glow should not be compromised. 

Having a healthy skin regimen is extremely important. Here are four tips to extend your skin's vitality.

Four tips for glowing skin

Step 1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and build up from the skin’s surface. You can exfoliate your entire body, literally from head to toe. There are several tools that can be used to remove dead skin cells. From scrubs, brushes or even your hands, pick what works best for your skin. Depending on your skin type, it is recommended to do it at least once a week.

Unaltered skin provides both a sugar scrub and an African exfoliating net. Our Golden Milk Sugar scrub is a number one best seller! Created with all natural ingredients, your skin will be left feeling soft and revitalized. 

Step 2. Moisturize Daily/Sunscreen

Moisture is key to thriving skin. Many of us don’t realize the importance of having a great moisturizer. Dry skin leads to irritation, eczema and wrinkles. Heat and extreme weather conditions are also factors. Depending on the seasons, adjust your moisturizers. A lightweight moisturizer can be used in the spring/summer months. During the fall/winter months, a thicker moisturizer is more effective.

Surprisingly enough, most people don’t realize that sunscreen can be worn throughout the year. The sun’s rays are damaging to the skin. Prolonged exposure can lead to sunburns and more devastating effects like skin cancer. Using it during the day can be beneficial. However, using (SPF) at night can be harmful. Being a larger molecule, you do not want it pressing into your skin leading to larger pores. Instead, use a serum which is better for the skin.

Unaltered Skin provides a Procollagen Peptide Serum. This serum is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look. 

 Step 3. Proper hydration 

The human body is composed of an average of 45-75 % of water. In addition to moisturizing your skin from the outside, hydrating from within is most important. Drinking plenty of water nourishes your entire body. Make sure to get those eight glasses in a day!

Step 4. Eat Clean/Rest

As mentioned above, several times, beautiful skin starts within. With that being said, eating clean is one of the most important components of having a phenomenal skincare regimen. Eating foods containing heavy oils and saturated fats can lead to breakouts. Foods that you may be allergic can cause inflammation and irritation. 

Many fruits and vegetables contain natural ingredients that allow the skin to flourish and replenish skin cells. You can eat your water serving as well! Add some watermelon, cucumbers or carrots into your diet. There are powerful antioxidants within so many of our natural resources. 

The last and final component of them all is sleep. There is such a thing as “beauty rest.” 

Sleeping and resting are essential to your skin’s revitalization process! During that time, your organs are recuperating from whatever significant events occurred that day. Skin cells are regenerating. Those bags under your eyes can be a direct indicator of how much rest you are essentially getting. 

No matter your age, gender or background, our skin’s health is determined by our habits. Establishing a healthy routine, getting plenty of rest and choosing toxin free products, your skin will glow.

Be You, Be Unaltered.

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